The 100 best nonfiction books: No 35 The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper (1945)

The Austrian-born philosophers postwar rallying cry for western liberal democracy was hugely influential in the 1960sIf our civilisation is to ...
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Revealed: the criminals making millions from illegal wildlife trafficking

Exclusive: Investigation uncovers the ringleaders profiting from $23bn annual trade in illicit animals after more than a decade of undercover ...
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The 13th: inside Ava DuVernay’s Netflix prison documentary on racial inequality

Hillary Clintons controversial super-predators remark is highlighted in trailer of film on why the US has produced the highest rate ...
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10 Things You Should Be Eating To Boost Your Mood, As Told By A Nutritionist

Mental illness is a nasty beast. It’s agiant, burdensome, invisible beast our culture doesn’t like to discuss. It’s our very ...
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What is next for refugees seeking asylum in Europe?

Thousands of people face uncertain futures as they leave war-torn nations like Syria and Iraq for countries such as Germany ...
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Clinton and Trump: Who’s on the debate guest list

(CNN)Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will each arrive at Monday night's debate in Hempstead, New York with an ample contingent ...
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The 10 Best 2000s Trends Your Mom Wouldnt Let You Wear

The early 2000s were aquestionabletime for fashion, but that didnt stop you from wanting to wear whatever the fuck Mandy ...
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The boho-drain: bohemians say goodbye San Francisco, hello LA

The once alternative city by the bay has become a playground for tech billionaires, so its artists are fleeing to ...
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Iceland complains Russian bombers pose ‘danger to civilian aircraft’

Reykjavik says three Russian Tupulev Tu-160 military planes flew too close to passenger flight for comfort in latest incident last ...
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In any normal debate we wouldn’t need fact-checking. Tonight, it’s vital | Kate Aronoff

Donald Trump is no ordinary candidate he has a track record of blatant lies. If Lester Holt lets these go ...
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Can the circular economy lead to more prosperity and leave a smaller footprint?

Many companies around the world are on board with the concept of waste reduction, reuse and recycling. The challenge is ...
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Jos Fernndez’s death is MLB’s latest tragedy

(CNN)America's pastime has lived its share of tragedy over the years but Miami Marlins pitcher Jos Fernndez's death in a ...
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Sharon Jones confirmed for Obama’s first festival

President Obama will also host the cast of Stranger Things and the Lumineers at South by South Lawn, the White ...
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Out of sight: the orphanages where disabled children are abandoned

NGO Disability Rights International has campaigned for institutions to be closed for years but despite progress, there are still shocking ...
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The Birth of a Nation launches in-theater voter registration initiative

Fox Searchlight, which distributes Nate Parkers slavery drama, said giving filmgoers the opportunity to register encourages everyone to be part ...
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